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Giving birth to a dry eye clinic
Ophthalmology Management

DED mavens — two established, one en route — provide pearls, expose pitfalls and show how it’s done. Read More >

Creating a Dry Eye Center of Excellence
Ophthalmology Management

Highlights from our 2nd annual Dry Eye seminar held during AAO in Las Vegas. Read More >

Dry Eye Treatment Education
Ophthalmology Management

Create a process to ensure patients don’t leave without scheduling or committing to treatment. Read More >

Dry Eye Treatment Education
Ophthalmology Management

Patti Barkey, CEO, COA discusses ‘The ‘opportunity’ in dry eye is the chance to improve patient outcomes. Read More >

Dry Eye

7 Steps to incorporate Dry Eye into your practice
Ophthalmology Management

Patti Barkey, CEO, COA discusses seven important steps a practice needs to follow to incorporate this offering into their practice. Read More >


  • Interpretation of a SPEED questionnaire - Jerry Robben, O.D.Chief OptometristBowden Eye & AssociatesProfessor at Dry Eye University The SPEED (Standard Patient Evaluation of Eye Dryness) questionnaire is useful guide to help identify unknowing patients who have Ocular Surface Disease or to help drive an established patient’s OSD exam. It allows the physician to quickly assess how symptomatic a patient is on […]
  • What’s the deal with all these artificial tears? - Jerry Robben, O.D.Chief Optometric Physician-Bowden Eye & AssociatesDry Eye University When is the last time that you visited the eye care aisle at your local pharmacy or grocery store? What a mess it is…Even as eye care providers, we could get overwhelmed in finding a specific eye drop that we want in that hodge-podge of […]
  • What’s the deal with all these tests? - Jerry Robben, O.D.Chief Optometric Physician-Bowden Eye & AssociatesDry Eye University How things have changed! If you were to look back on the way we diagnosed and treated dry eye disease in the past compared to today, you would think that we were treating a totally different condition from to two time periods. In the past, […]
  • The Dirty World of Eye Make Up Removers - Dr. Sarah DarbandiBoard Certified Corneal Specialist / Surgeon These days the best eyeliners are the ones that stay all day, last 24hrs, are waterproof, fade-proof, longwearing, no smudge, transfer-free, etc etc. There are all kinds of different eyeliners out there, gel eyeliners, liquid liners, crayons, and ones that look like little magic markers. It’s a […]
  • Cosmetics – Little Beauty Secrets Your Patients are Keeping From You That Could Mean Big Problems - There’s a whole world of makeup techniques on you tube that you probably have no idea about. Baking, tightlining, strobing, and contouring are the latest. At Dry Eye University, I’ll be speaking about a few of these techniques and how they are affecting your patient’s eyes. You are seeing these patients every day. We all […]




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Dry Eye University is an excellent program for anyone thinking of starting a new Dry Eye program or looking at ways to expand or improve their existing program. Dr. Bowden and his staff do a great job of providing advice from both a clinical standpoint as well as the practical integration into the practice.

Raymond Kong - VP of Sales
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