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At Bowden Eye & Associates, our team, like many of our peers, continually explores methods to address the visual healthcare needs of our patients. Years ago, Dr. Bowden recognized that ocular surface disease/dry eye continued to be a major complaint of our patients. We treated the symptom with traditional methods just like everyone else does, but we felt there had to be a better way.

Dry Eye is such a major part of a majority of our patient’s lives that treating the symptom wasn’t good enough; we wanted to understand the root cause then address the treatment based upon science, education and practical application. Our research brought us insight into the multitude of companies who today have diagnostic and treatment based solutions for this patient segment, and through trial and error we were able to integrate disease state management effectively into our patient flow. Today, every patient who has a complaint of dry eye, seasonal allergy, or ocular itchiness follows a protocol that results in treating the cause vs. masking the symptom.

In the last few years, we have had the honor of hosting a multitude of practice teams at our Jacksonville location and sharing our system approach to this ever-expanding disease segment. Most guests were directed to us by the many companies with products for this segment and what I observed was that the manufacturers do a great job of training on “their product’s role” but no one company addressed the entirety of the patient population needing help. With only so many days in a week and hours in a day Dry Eye University was born.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we bring more than 3 people to the course and if so, does the price stay the same?

Our Doctor wants to send the Practice Administrator only to learn and bring back information to see if we want to get involved with Dry Eye, is this possible and if so what cost?

The course is designed for full implementation and the success of the course is based on a “team” participating. It is not our recommendation for only the Administrator to attend.

I can’t make this course, when is the next one? Can I get my name on a list?

The website will list the next course dates as they become available. Yes, we can keep your name and notify you for the next course.

I heard about the course and have a busy Optometry practice, is this course for MD practices only? If not, will there be an OD course?

We welcome both Optometry and Ophthalmology.

Does our team receive CME credits for this course?


Do our techs receive any credits for this course?


Is there any practice data that our administrator should prepare to better understand the opportunity with Dry Eye?

An understanding of your patient base and patient needs is always useful. Through Dry Eye Partners, a revenue assessment can be developed prior to attending Dry Eye University. Simply click on this link and a member of Dry Eye Partners will reach out to you and begin the process of completing your analysis. This is a complimentary service of Dry Eye University and Dry Eye Partners.

Do we have to work with the vendors that are sponsoring the course?

No, but Bowden Eye is presenting this course based on their overwhelming success and much of that success has to do with their business partners. The partners bring a lot to the table when it comes to implementation and training.

If we have all the equipment but are not doing well, can we attend the course?

Absolutely, increasing volume will be covered.

How long has Bowden Eye been offering dry eye services?

Dry Eye has been a part of Bowden Eye since Dr. Bowden started practice. The level of Dry Eye Care now provided is vastly different over the last four years due to the introduction of new technologies and products.

Do we need a dedicated room for the Dry Eye Center?

No, although it will be helpful to have a counseling office that can be used as well as space to add certain pieces of equipment. This will be covered in the course.

What airports should we use to get to Jacksonville?

Jacksonville International Airport. 

Are there hotel rooms set aside and if so where?

Yes, see the event information for hotel availability in the area.

If our team is flying in on Thursday and out on Saturday, do we need to rent a car or will there be transportation provided?

We would recommend a rental car.

If we want to get extra manuals, are they available?

Unfortunately, only one manual per team will be supplied.

What is the recommended attire for the Dry Eye University course?

Dress code is business casual. We recommend a light sweater since controlling the air conditioning in a big facility is tough.

Current Corporate Sponsors

Dry Eye University is an excellent program for anyone thinking of starting a new Dry Eye program or looking at ways to expand or improve their existing program. Dr. Bowden and his staff do a great job of providing advice from both a clinical standpoint as well as the practical integration into the practice.

Raymond Kong - VP of Sales
TearLab Corporation

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